Dharwad city is served by the airport which is located at Hubli. The airport is around 20 kms from Dharwad city.

Direct non-stop flights are available from Hubli to Bangalore, operated by Air Pegasus. Additional flights are available from nearby Belgaum airport.

Charter flight service is also available from the Hubli airport. Check out all the available flights from Hubli airport.

How to Reach Hubli Airport

The airport in Hubli is located on Gokul Road and is at a distance of 8 kms from the centre of the city.

The distance from Dharwad to Hubli is just 20 kms. The road connecting Dharwad to Hubli is a double lane road. Though the traffic on this route is heavy, traffic jams are not frequent on this road. It takes around 45 minutes to cover this distance. You can arrange a taxi /car for this journey. Alternatively, you can also opt for a city bus which ply regularly between the two cities.

A 4-lane road is now being constructed between the two cities which will reduce the traveling time from Dharwad to Hubli.

Alternatively, you can reach Hubli from NH-4 Highway, which connects to Hubli city

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