Ticket Counters

Counters for purchasing unreserved tickets is provided at the entrance. There are around 8 counters for purchasing of tickets. Platform tickets can be purchased from the miscellaneous counter.

Each platform ticket costs 10 Rupees and is valid for 2 hours from the time of purchase.

There is a separate counter for enquiry. Here you can get information like arrival time and departure time, PNR status of your ticket and queries related to late running trains.


There are 5 platforms at the Hubli railway station. Platform number 1 is at the entrance. To reach platform numbers 2 and 3 you can use the foot-over bridge or the subway. To reach platform 4 and 5 use the foot-over bridge. Tea and fruit stalls are present at every 50 metre distance on the platforms. There is a book stall where you can purchase the latest edition of your favourite magazine and daily news papers.


There is a good variety of pure vegetarian restaurants outside the railway station.

Kamat's Chhaya Hotel and Kamat's Vasant Bhavan are located at a distance of 100 metres.

Prakash Restaurant is located at a distance of 200 metres.

Popular sweet stalls like Babusingh Thakur (of Dharwad Pedha fame), Mishra Sweets and Bhagwan Sweets are located in close vicinity.

Parking Facility

Parking facility is available at the railway station. A spacious parking facility for cars is provided right in front of the station entrance. More than a 100 cars can be parked here. The minimum parking charge for cars is 10 Rupees.

A separate parking facility is provided for 2-wheelers and cycles. The minimum charge for parking your bike here is 4 Rupees.

Latest Development

The railway station is being developed into a model railway station. Construction activity is started for the new railway station building. Part of the railway station has been inaugurated.

The railway station has a swanky building with all modern amenities. Food plaza, subways, VIP lounge, escalators, spacious AC waiting rooms will be added to the existing facilities.

There will be separate and wide entry and exit points.

The number of platforms has been increased to 5 in the new railway station.

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